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Having a car is a need of time and due to increasing prices of vehicles, owning one has become a bigger problem. But what if we tell you that there is a service that makes you the owner of a car and gives different earning opportunities as well! Call-a-cab has easy solutions to all problems. With Call-a-cab, you not only own a vehicle but you can earn money from it as well.

Call-a-cab saw the struggles of going from one city to another by paying hefty amount and that is why in 2014, the foundation of Call-a-cab was set. With the fleet of 50 cars and covering the distance with Rs. 20 per kilometer, anyone could travel in cheap and on top of that, it is the safest one around. In 2015, city to city services were open for all public with the fleet of 200 cars. So far, Call-a-cab has a fleet of 1000 cars operating in 18 regions and Call-a-cab has a vision of hitting more than 5000 cars.

Call-a-cab thrives to provide cheap traveling solutions at anytime and anywhere. From door to destination and no matter how many miles you want to go, all you have to do is Call-a-cab. Other than traveling solutions, Call-a-cab also thrives to end employment by the help of Leasing Scheme.

For the first time in Pakistan, you can get a car on lease for cheap! Pay 20% advance of any car and become an owner right there and then. There are two ways to team up with Call-a-cab.

  • 1. Get a car on lease and work as a driver.
  • 2. Get a car and rent it to us and earn monthly return without paying installments.

There is more for you when you Call-a-cab! Feel free to contact us.